Logo & Corporate Design for Steuerberatungskanzlei Krippel

We, ARTINA, are very grateful to accompany the tax consultancy Krippel at their culinary journey to a delicious corporate identity. A fresh color scheme in combination with a distinctive symbolism for the combined mark helps the corporate identity to achieve a memorable experience as well as increase appetite for more. Whether one sees an opened folder, a building or an initial within the figurative mark, is left to the observer to decide.

Regarding the tax consultancy Krippel it can be said with every right that ‚the yellow of the egg’ is green in this case. Diverse facets of the green color spectrum reflect the versatile competences of Krippel.

In addition to the corporate identity, we were also allowed to design and implement the website for the tax consultancy Krippel. The fresh colour scheme flatters the eye and focuses on the different consulting divisions of the registry whereby you never lose track.

Go and see for yourself.


Logo & Corporate Design
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