Organic Label for the Korean Market

The special challenge of this corporate design was to develop a graphic recipe that meets Asian as well as European tastes. AlpenBee offers Austrian organic products to Korean clients on their own webshop. Austrian organic products are appreciated in South Korea for their high quality and there is a special demand for baby food. ARTINA developed a cheerful branding with a new logo and as a special treat a cute key visual – the AlpenBee. In Korea, like most Asian countries, a childish style and flashy colors are liked by grown ups too. For the corporate colors of AlpenBee we used a palette of soft Sorbet-colors, so European clients would also find them appealing. From now on, the lovely illustrated bee will be noticed in many areas of the corporate design, such as packagings and in the webshop.


Corporate Design
Key Visual


1 Portion asian style
2 L cute illustration
1 pinch of sorbet-colors
50 ml cheerful branding