Boa Eurobike Event 2018

Just as in the years before, ARTINA has been entrusted to style an unforgettable evening for the partners of Boa at Monfort Castle on the shores of Lake Constance in Germany during Eurobike 2018 (tradeshow).

The modern look of BOA and the classy style of the castle have been communicated by oil pantings of the BOA visual world. Easels have been the perfect spots to highlight those impressionistic paintings in the premises.

Moreover, the cooperation between BOA and Mips have been an essential component of the event. Various presentation tools have been designed and set up to present the cooperation to the partners in a tangible as well as easy to understand way. Minimalistic BOA styled columns presented its systems and simultaneously maintained a link to the historical surroundings.


Inflatable Column
Oil Paintings
LED Wall
Pop up Wall
Menu Card


30 ml spatial thinking
2 TL fresh 2D visuals
1 serving of emotion
1 pinch sharp image retouching
10 ml international seasoning
2 kg classy art in a modern context
1 big portion of great sense for the brand