Kotschy Film Branding

Elisabeth and Rafael Kotschy commissioned us to create a corporate design for their new company Kotschy Film. Kotschy Film serves tasteful image films based on the storytelling principle and, in addition to film production, also offers moderation and camera coaching. A lot of creative power that had to be packed into a graphic menu. For the logo, we combined a strong, modern font with an abstract logo. The shape is intended to be reminiscent of both the K in Kotschy film and a clapper board. For use in moving images, we created a ‘Logo Reveal’ animation as a little feast for the eyes.

We spiced up the high-contrast corporate design in black and white with a pinch of neon cyan. This can be found as a highlighter of important areas. We have already been able to implement the first designs in both web and print and look forward to further joint projects!

You can find more information about Kotschy Film at kotschyfilm.at


Logo & Corporate Design
Business Cards


200 ml corporate design
1 tsp matching color scheme
1 dash of organic shapes