Branding for Lorit Consultancy

Another culinary delight in our design repertoire: The branding for Lorit Consultancy.

We created a tasteful design menu for Lorit Consultancy. From the logo design via the web-design through to print design and stationery, we were allowed to implement all graphic design elements for our customer and let our creativity run free. The design elements, which can be found in both, the logo and the print products, run through the corporate design like a golden thread and thus form the visual bracket. In the logo’s figurative mark you can see a speech bubble, a checkbox and an arrow pointing upwards. The speech bubble stands for the trainings, the checkbox for the fulfillment of various standards in the automotive and medical technology sector and the arrow pointing upwards connotes the constant success of Lorit Consultancy.


Corporate Design
Print products


1 L Corporate Design
3 Pkg harmonic color scheme
2 tsp Icons