Sweet Design for the Sugaring Studio “Sweet Treat”

There is a new candy shop in town!

Since 22nd of May the `Sweet Treat Sugaring Studio Vienna` is offering sweets which will not make you gain weight, but help you become even more beautiful.
Sugaring is a gentle depilatory method and has its origin in the Arab region. The corporate design, that ARTINA created is a tribute to these origins in the form of an orientally inspired corporate pattern. The golden color of the sugar paste can be found in the high-quality refined prints with gold foil embossing.

We feel honored that we were trusted with the complete design presence of Sweet Treat including the logo, the corporate design, various print forms and the website!

“Artina developed a complete corporate identity for us and we are more than satisfied with the result. Perfect customer care, brilliant ideas and a professional execution. Artina is definitly our `go-to` graphic design agency for future projects.”

Roland Schneider | Owner

Acquired a taste for yourself? Click here for the Sweet Treat website.


Logo & Corporate Design
Print forms


100 ml Corporate Design
1 tsp color scheme
1 serving creativity
1 l print enhancement
10 ml high quality haptics
1 pinch of oriental inspiration

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