Packaging Design for Aepos

If you think “CBG” will get you high, you’re very much mistaken 😉 However, we experienced a special kind of creative flight when designing the branding for our customer “Aepos” from Gmunden.
Aepos offers “CBG” and “CBD” products from “aeroponic cultivation” and they are also made in Austria. We were able to develop a brand identity for the premium products that reflects the quality. Since other plants are also suitable for aeroponic cultivation and are being considered, the requirement was not to limit the brand to hemp products. The logo we developed now represents a stylized leaf (symbolic of the plant) in a triangular shape (symbolic of indoor cultivation). The product lines with CBG active ingredients were designed in an elegant blueish black, the product lines with CBD in a graceful creamy white.


Logo & Corporate Design


200ml high quality color scheme
4g CBG 😉
2kg packaging design
1 portion of creativity