Social Media Strategy And Implementation for Open Air Restaurant Josef

The first hunger was satisfied with the corporate identity of the only open air restaurant in Salzburg. But we still did not have enough and were allowed to design and implement the restaurant’s social media presence.

We started the culinary journey into the land of the Internet with a concept and the creation of a media plan. This was followed by the design and planning of the individual postings. Of course, the picture “captions”, which were all written from the “I” perspective, were part of it. This kind of wording is ment to make the interaction with the followers more personal.

The most important ingredients for the design of the postings were the color scheme and the typography. Especially online, we put a lot of emphasis on the unusual letter compositions in combination with background illustrations. This makes the presence on the social networks unique, just like the concept of the outdoor restaurant.

We are particularly pleased with the excellent reactions on the various social media channels! The alternation of image and graphic postings with word compositions brings excitement to the feed.

You are welcome to follow Josef on Instagram and Facebook, or best to reserve a table right away.


Social Media Presence


1 portion animated graphic-postings
2 l personal texts
5 tsp extraordinary letter-compositions
3 package retro-charm
100 ml flashy color-scheme
1 breeze illustration